What is Gennus ?

Gennus is a genealogy website for professional and individual people who want to work easily on their genealogy.

Gennus's goal is to provide a free and easy service to grow your familytree. Contrary to other genealogy services, sharing information from your familytrees permits to find information from other trees from the community. This is the one and only one way to use Gennus and it is free.

Our technology permits to link community familytrees together in order to suggest updates and new nodes. Our algorithms suggest yourself automatically people who look like people from your tree. If you think that those people are the same one, you can link your tree with others.

In order to use this, you just have to use Gennus creating your familytree (you, your parents, your brothers and sisters, your husband or your wife...). This service is free!

What is the sharing ?

The sharing is a funcionality provided by Gennus.

It permits to link two or more trees by linking people who are in several trees.

How does it works ?

First of all, we invite you to create a free account and to create your first familytree in order to discover this functionality.

Our algorithms are going to read your trees and compare the trees of the other users.

If a link is found, Gennus will propose yourself to link your tree with another.

As soon as the trees are linked, if information are available on the other tree, they will be suggested by Gennus.

For exemple we can imagine that you link one of your god father to the familytree of another user. Gennus will ask you if you want to add his child because it will have found children of your god father in the linked tree. You will be able to accept or reject those propositions.

How to activate the sharing ?

As soon as your familytree is created, you have nothing else to do. Our algorithms are working in background to give you the best propositions.


Gennus was born in 2010 in two French people mind. In order to be distinct from others online genealogy services, we wanted to provide a free, easy, friendly and intuitive service. We would like Gennus to be the "Wikipedia of genealogy" by allowing people to share their familytrees information in order to grow their own tree using the community. We think that genealogy should be open to everyone. Not only to passionated people who take time to search for information. With Gennus, the time where genealogy was a hard research is over. The community and our algorithms are working for you !


Gennus founder member, technical director.
Bastien is the lead programmer of the project. He works on a code editor to develop the functionalities and to correct the errors.

A bit more about Bastien :


Gennus founder member, editorial and developement director.
Pierre imagine the service and its updates. He defines the interfaces, write the content of the pages and program functionalities when he has enough time.

A bit more about Pierre :

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